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Re-Think Manufacturing by Yokai Studios

The project

The co-creation team around Yokai Studios, consistent of the Re-FREAM technology partners Haratech, Profactor and EMPA, developed a prototype for a one-stop-shop robot based manufacturing system for fashion. The projects acts on the interface between virtuell design methods with 3D technology and new production methods and brings up the potential for urban manufacturing/local production and customized fashion.

The artists

Yokai Studios started as a research project with the aim of bringing back clothing production to Europe. This is made possible through the creation of a new digital based process for local customization and garment production by developing completely new methods for fashion design. As history shows, every new technical innovation has led to new aesthetics and silhouettes. As designers, the “Yokais” shape these new silhouettes according to their vision, to create a new design language and they want to invite other designers to do that with them. Their long term goal is to build a robot based automated manufacturing system, which enables the local production of customized clothes.

Yokai Studios believe that design is a combination of functionality and innovative forward-thinking methods, that can reveal new looks of fashion products but at the same time it should face the issues that we are challenging in the 21st century. This way of thinking gives us the opportunity to confront problems from different angles and is the result of the artistic and technical background of the Yokai Studios team members and co-founders Michael and Viktor. The main goal of the “Yokais” is to combine new technology with well-known techniques for the creation of designs in new and exciting ways.

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Michael Wieser and Viktor Weichselbaumer (Yokai Studios)

The partners

  • Haratech
  • Profactor
  • EMPA
  • UFG

The work