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ART/Tech Co-Creation Manual

Art/Tech Co-Creation Manual

Created and tested during the two calls for projects, this methodology builds a cross-sectoral common space; an “unlearning-to-learn” environment that enables co-research and co-creation by means of a new mindset that strikes a balance between art design and technology. Within this new dimension of equality, the artist must re-envision his/her initial idea together with a technologist.

Developed by ARCA and IED Madrid, has stemmed from integrating artists/designers in research and innovation processes by nurturing their practices in very specific and clearly identified technological contexts such as our hubs. The model shows also the crucial role of facilitating bodies such as mentors, project managers, etc that are able to channel the disrupted forces of co-creation.

IED and ARCA have decided to offer the manual developed by the project to a wider audience. It was transformed into an online platform in order to support peer learning and leave a simple set of methodological and applicative tools.

The choice to produce this platform had a dual purpose: on the one hand, it will also allow other teams to use this path that we have implemented with the potential ability to connect and facilitate communities of practitioners in the fashion world but on the other hand for ARCA and IED Madrid to continue testing the methodology that constitutes an intermediate step in the journey towards supporting the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable fashion sector.