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Fragments Garments by Elisabeth Jayot

The project

The Fragments Garments circular fashion supply chain aims at inverting the current fast fashion paradigm. To fight the environmental damages created by cheap clothing produced at a fast pace in low-wage countries, we propose to relocate within small urban manufacturing units akin to Fablabs, the production of garments, – moreover designed seamless and modular -, based on a worldwide digital pattern trade. This project adds a 4th dimension to the classic Reduce, Repair, Recycle concept by involving the consumer who can easily dismantle and transform clothes according to changing trends, needs or sizes, thus leading to a longer life-span.

The artist

My artistic practice can be summarized in two words : Research & Design. In order to imagine sustainable alternative processes and scenarios forgarment longevity and user involvement, I want to make a thoughtful use of digital manufacturing technologies. The most significant projects are the 3 steps that brought Fragments Garments to the development stage it has reached today. The concept of FabLab-inspired circular fashion supply chain and innovative concept-store, previously called FashionTechAway, has been first imagined for the 2017 Zero Waste Challenge, where I won second prize. I then created a first modular collection of 8 seamless laser-cut garments (shirt, dresses, perfecto, jackets, trench and coat), all based on a common set of 10 combinable spare parts patterns. Thanks to the WORTH Partnership Project grant that allowed me to cooperate with the FabLabWeMake in Milano, I improved my design further and created the zero-waste square seamless module. An ensuing collection of 5 jackets and coats has been the proof of concept which has given birth to Fragments Garments.

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The partners

  • Profactor
  • Care Applications
  • Aitex

The work