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-Sustainable Evolution- Capsule collection- Photoshoot and Video

-Sustainable Evolution- Capsule collection- Photoshoot and Video

This is the final stretch of my Sustainable Evolution project for ReFream.

After many months of development I was able to finalize my prototypes to create a final video and photoshoot for this very special capsule collection.

It was not an easy task to get all garments ready for this final step as manufacturing, dyeing and laser cutting can be very complex and time consuming processes.

I would like to note that in terms our of most important garments, the bacteria dyed, we had success in dyeing some garments, but colors came out quite light. One of the findings of this research is that optimizing Serratia Marcens for dyeing needs more work, and this bacteria is very sensitive to many different factors. Chromobacterium on the other hand was quite easy to produce Violacein when working with it to dye directly. The extraction we used of Violacein from the Vienna Textile Lab, should have been applied to a garment with less weight as to optimize this dye even more. In the images below our final garments can be observed.

Jacket dyed with Violacein extract using Eco Finishing Nebulization Technology. Vest and pants dyed with Marigold(plant dye), using Eco finish technology.
T-Shirt(left) direct dyed with Serratia Marcens, vest direct dyed with Chromobacterium Violaceum and Jacket(right) dyed using eco finish technology, with Violacein extract coming from Janthino bacterium lividum.

Our natural dyes worked very well with the Eco Finish nebulization machine. We mainly used this technology to garment dye. It´s an excellent technology, but it´s important to note that it excels with certain fabrics and not others. For delicate fibers as silk I would be very careful if using this technology, as the fibers lose its luster. But for denim, cotton weaves and knits it works wonders.

Top and sleeves dyed with Mulberry and short with Marigold, both using Eco Finish Technology. On organic cotton knit and velvet.
Top, sleeves and pants dyed with Logwood using Eco finish technology. On organic cotton velvet, GOTS certified.















Besides a photoshoot I was very keen on creating a fashion video for this collection. As I believe it is a very impactful way of creating awareness on what we want to protect. While at the same time creating awareness on pollution and climate change. To view this video and all images of our collection and my new website please go to this link: www.animabyloreto.com

All in all the results are amazing, this project has definitely steered me in the way of trying to crete all or most of my garments using natural or sustainable dyes. It gives life and meaning to these pieces and it´s a great way to get the customer engaged as garments can be dyed to order.

That´s it for now.

Until next time!




CRE - Wolfgang
Author: CRE - Wolfgang

Wolfgang is communication manager for Re-FREAM and project manager at CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria.