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Flexible, soft and elastic textile-integrated conductors

About the project

About the Technology

E-textiles require special, new types of conductor materials to ensure the desired performance and mechanical stability. Suitable materials have been investigated at Fraunhofer for over 20 years and new technologies for implementing simple to complex circuit layouts have been developed. Various reliable and fully tested materials and techniques for processing are therefore available in this art/tech collaboration. A range of permanently flexible, conductive and even elastic conductor materials, including hybrid yarns and metallized knitted fabrics, are available for the respective application and are integrated into textile-integrated circuits by embroidery or laser technology. Alternatively, stretchable electronic systems based on thermoplastic elastomer substrates developed at the IZM can be used, which can be easily laminated to almost any type of fabric.

Usual Areas of Applications

Smart Textiles.

Materials used in Re-FREAM

Silver, Copper.

Technology is used by these Partners

Fraunhofer IZM (Berlin, Germany)


Hub Berlin: From analog to connected (only Profactor!)

Assigned projects within Re-FREAM