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Embroidered Touch by Anke Loh

About the project

Anke Loh develops innovative upgrades to smart textiles by integrating the next generation of sensory embroidered technology to empower people in their personal space. The goal is to reconnect individuals to the physical world through tactile craftsmanship with embedded technology (e.g. for fighting stress, anxiety etc.). Her research is not only focussing on the sensory textiles of apparel, but also its applications in chairs, cushions, mattresses, walls etc.

Anke Loh has a background in fashion design and has forged multiple collaborations with technology-focused individuals, research teams, companies and universities. Loh broke new ground by integrating Philips Lumalive panels into dresses and skirts featuring video imagery on soft embedded LED screens.

She studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, earning an MFA in 1999, after which she launched her former fashion design company, Rosso NV. Her collections have been featured in over two dozen international runway shows and exhibitions, including New York Fashion Week, The Centre Pompidou in Paris and Japan’s Osaka Collection Show.