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E-Textile hardware

About the project

About the Technology

At Fraunhofer IZM, a highly miniaturized and easy-to-use e-textile hardware kit is being developed during this project. In addition to a main controller module, various I/O, LED or sensor modules are developed. The highlight of the Re-FREAM e-textile kit are the simple programming based on Arduino, the small size of the boards and the flexibility in the selection of the connection. The modules can be contacted with conductive yarns for quick tests, but also for advanced systems and production they can also be integrated by bonding processes. If further electronic functions are required, we can guide artists through the ever-increasing availability of DIY e-textile kits and help to select the right hardware.

Usual Areas of Application

Smart Textile.

Material used in Re-FREAM

Hardware e-Textile kits like Arduino

Technology used by Re-FREAM Partners

Fraunhofer IZM (Berlin, Germany)


Hub Berlin: From analog to connected (only Profactor!)

Assigned projects within Re-FREAM