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LOVEWEAR by witsense

About the project

LOVEWEAR is a smart underwear that helps people of all abilities to self-explore and enhance their own intimacy and sexuality. Disabled sexuality is often neglected to release carer and families from uncomfortable responsibilities, which pose moral and ethical dilemmas. LOVEWEAR wants to empower the wearer through a tactile experience achieved by Inflatable inserts, activated within the underwear linen, through the interaction with a connected pillow. The wearer can hug, cuddle, caress, press this interface as a surrogate for the human contact or just explore its surface as he would explore his own body, facilitating gestures. Anyone can benefit from LOVEWEAR, experiencing the self through a more intimate perspective

witsense team

Witsense is the encounter between two designers experienced in inclusive design, Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati, both lecturers at Ajman University, a leading institution in the United Arab Emirates, and Comftech a pioneering Italian wearable tech company specialized in medical grade smart garments. Witsense aims to improve life quality of people with learning and developmental disorders and represents the shift from the notion of ‘cure’ to the notion of ‘care’, where monitoring, treatments and therapies are unobtrusive and respectful of the dignity of the individual. At the nexus with design, engineering, fashion and manufacturing, Witsense scouts viable solutions that can be adopted by people of any ability to face the overwhelming burden of contemporary living.


Image: witsense team