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Alma by Giulia Tomasello

About the project

Alma is a non-invasive wearable biosensor designed for the detection of vaginal infections. The project aims to develop a less conspicuous, wearable system that is low cost and reusable, capable of detecting pH and lactic acid from vaginal secretions and gather data that can be used to reconstruct an individual’s physiological profile. These data will be interfaced with a mobile app designed to monitor the vaginal chemistry and generate educational awareness. Alma is designed to empower women to become familiar with their own bodies and active patients, more willing to seek healthcare professional advice when necessary and break some of the taboos that are still attached to gynaecological health. Alma is in collaboration with scientists T.Busolo, J.Che and M.Calabrese.

Giulia Tomasello

My aim as designer is to sparkle critical conversations on feminine hygiene and the surrounding taboos, to raise awareness and provide alternatives to intimate self-care. I envision women’s body in the intersection of biotechnology and healthcare. Empowering citizens through open-source biology, to become active participants in their personal health. Coded Bodies as teaching practice, introduce basics of Arduino coding, soft wearables, e-textiles prototyping and the exploration of bio-textiles. Future Flora, STARTS Prize 2018, is a harvesting kit designed for women to prevent vaginal infections, and wear live bacteria in the panties. Rethinking the Bra is a new type of bra that truly embraces the female body, an on-going project with designers S.Schidlowski and E.Mikkola.



Image: Giulia Tomasello (C) akihico mori