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Neo Botanical Tailoring by Alexander Bello

About the project

Alexander Bello works on a capsule collection of multisensorial tailored-inspired garments where nature, science and the well-being of the wearer would be woven together.

Bello’s work seeks to explore the intersection of nature, science, craftsmanship and health through bespoke tailoring. Having worked under various tailors and pattern cutters in London, New York and Madrid, he continuously aims to preserve traditional hand crafted techniques while incorporating innovative processes to create garments with a story and a soul.

With a particular interest in natural dyeing practices, one of his main investigations consists in integrating nature into the garments he makes and finding sustainable solutions for today’s fashion system. How can we re-think current production processes to create a link between the craftsman and the wearer, all while implementing innovative and sustainable visions for the future?