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Sustainable Evolution by Loreto Binvignat Streeter

About the project

Loreto Binvignat Streeter experiments in using microorganisms in the dying process in combination with innovative technologies, thus creating avant-garde garments at the crossroads of design and technology.

Loreto is an international artist, designer and author. She has worked in the academic field, working for 10 years at IED Barcelona, within the fashion department affiliated to Westminster University London. She also worked for five years as a professor in design and fashion at the London College for design and fashion Hanoi. Her background is in fashion design and art. For the last 10 years she has been developing her multidisciplinary ethical and sustainable practice. This practice intersects in her brand: anima. by loreto.

Understanding the textile dye industries huge pollution problem she began to experiment with sustainable dyes. This research led her to create bonds, collaborate with and learn from ethnic communities around the globe, in particular the Hmong community in the mountains of Sapa Vietnam. After all these years of working with traditional dyeing techniques it was only natural to go a step further and take the leap into innovative, sustainable dyes.

Throughout the last year she has been working with the Vienna Textile Lab, researching and experimenting with bacteria dyes. Through this partnership they became one of the Worth Partnership Project 3rd call winners. This incredible experience positioned her at the intersection of art, science and technology.