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Constructing Connectivity by Jessica Smarsch

The project

The co-creation research performed by Jessica Smarsch and Fraunhofer IZM partner Christian Dils focused on the integration of textile-based sensors (TexPCBs) into clothing for the functional purpose of gathering EMG data for stroke rehabilitation. Sensitive considerations were also made in the design of the garment to enhance the wearer’s experience with the system. Many external partners were also involved in the research, which culminated in a 2-day Stakeholder Workshop, facilitated by Fraunhofer IZM partners Max Marwede and Robin Hoske. Through guided activities, participants identified and discussed important issues related to this medical device development. Project renamed later to Connextyle.

The artist

Jessica Smarsch is a designer and researcher. The focus of her work over the past several years has been on pattern & repetition as it relates to behavior, well-being, and most recently stroke rehabilitation. Her fascination with pattern began with textile design, which she more clearly defined during her masters thesis research. The focus of her work has been primarily on the benefits of the process, though it has also resulted in objects, films, and interactive software. Her focus on mind-body connection has led to her current work with the stroke rehabilitation process. Smarsch works collaboratively cross-sector with science and technology to enrich the development and outcome of the work, and to better affect the intended audience.

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The partners

  • Fraunhofer IZM

The work