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Innovation Everywhere!

Innovation Everywhere!

During the last week of January all of the Re-FREAM artists, tech collaborators, hubs and administrators convened in Madrid for the mid-term presentation and review. Spread out over two days, we had the opportunity to share what we’ve been co-creating with our partners and, therefore also learn about all of the incredible researches that the other teams have been pursuing as well.

(c) somosmonos Hub Berlin posing for a group photo at IED Madrid during the Re-Fream Mid-Term presentation.

All of the teams are working within an inspiring topic, and some presentations specifically captured my attention as I imagined ways that I could use these interesting new techniques in my own project. Ganit Goldstein, in collaboration with Stratasys in Israel, is using 4D poly jet printing to print woven fabrics in an array of colors and designs. Julia Koerner is utilizing Stratasys’s 3D print technology, together with Profactor in Austria, to create other-worldly fashion designs that hover between costume and haute couture. With very different ideas and personal goals in mind, seeing the other artists’ work inspired me to think about new ways I could also innovate with these fascinating technologies to further explore the standard conception of what a textile is.

During the presentation of my own work, I took the opportunity to share some of the many tests and developments that I have worked on together with the Fraunhofer IZM team, led by Christian Dils.

Coming up with ideas for the electrode designs was one of the most creative and explorative parts so far. With a variety of different materials and tools to choose from, we tested many different techniques for creating conductive surfaces with the skin. Some results were promising, others not at all!

EMG explorations: how to create a connection that actually… works?

I also shared some of the other interesting tests that we performed such as whether the product could be disassembled for recycling. We indeed found that with the right amount of heat, the laminated applications could be removed from the textile. Perfect parameters can be better determined when the final fabric composition is chosen.

Max Marwede, recycling hero, in action: quickly moving in to disassemble while the product is hot hot hot!

Finally, as an extra benefit after the formalities of the mid-term event had come to a close, I had the opportunity to sit for 2 hours with Isabel Berz, as well as Alice Zainoun and Paula de Andrés to discuss construction ideas for the actual design of my intended garment. Coming from a textile background, it was very helpful to discuss ideas with these three women, who are trained in pattern making and inspired by the opportunity to develop new concepts in fashion.

Follow the next blog post for more updates on how these ideas will develop!

CRE - Wolfgang
Author: CRE - Wolfgang

Wolfgang is communication manager for Re-FREAM and project manager at CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria.