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Leather for Vegetarians by Fabio Molinas

The project

Fabio Molinas was working on different production developments to create a range of materials (Vegan leather, Nubuck and Bio-denim) using the cork waste from the stoppers’ industry. During the co-creation with Aitex and Care Applications in the Re-FREAM project, a waste product is valued giving a new life to something that in its natural state, is almost useless, achieving a typical worn effect of denim, a leather-like fabric, and a soft/velvet vegetal Nubuck. Recycling is a must in the project, Thanks to the eco-finish technology by Care Applications, it is possible to achieve new effects on the surface of ready-made garments by applying chemical products or dyestuffs directly inside the washing machine. The system micronizes the water droplets and the cork particles until it achieves a misty effect, thereby allowing its controlled diffusion on the material. As results, a part a new aesthetic collection called LEBIU, were achieved important savings in water, electricity and chemical products.


The artist

I am a multi-awarded Industrial Designer from Sardinia. My career has been developed between Italy, Spain and Portugal. Now a days I work in Madrid in Innovation projects related to product, Interior and strategy design. My passion is to find new ways of using materials, concepts and products giving a twist of their normal uses, finding always a solution in line with the current industrial background.

“When I was a child I had to help my grandfather cleaning the workshop of the small caps factory we have in Sardinia, and besides being bored with the task I had to accomplish, I always thought what could I make with these large amount of powder that the factory produced. Only several years ago, when I became a designer and participated in Amorim’s design contest, I decided to use this waste for something better, the help the human being to be more conscious about the eco-system”

I consider myself a transdisciplinary designer, my most significant works range from the use of energy from household appliances to providing digital tools of innovation for the footwear industry in Europe.

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The partners

  • Care Applications
  • Aitex

The work