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New Challenges and New Vision

New Challenges and New Vision

During the progress of my project, there are certainly lots of challenges and obstacles I need to overcome. Among them one of the biggest challenges is how to define my product, is it bio-based or biodegradable.

Since normal bio-based materials cannot achieve high performance easily, it is not a simple task to develop materials that are both bio-based and can achieve high performance. So, I have been researching how to optimize my materials to fit in these two key points, that is, real bio-based materials with outstanding performance.

As a designer, and I am not specialized in biology nor chemistry, it is not easy for me to dig deep and investigate new materials, but when I study biology materials, I find it particularly interesting, because this is a new challenge for me, to learn bio-related knowledge that is related to materials. Because designers do not have the knowledge to change the properties of materials, and in my opinion, cross-fields cooperation can create better designs and products.

I want people to understand that sustainability does not necessarily come at the expense of material performance and aesthetics. Let everyone know that the seemingly useless bio waste around you can be reused through new technologies and designs. That brings up the core vision of my project which is achieving not merely conserving the environment, but also help to restore the environment.

By recycling bio-wastes, we ease the burden of waste management. The bio-wastes will not be simply disposed, but given more value to them. This is meaningful not only in the fashion industry but across the border of the whole material industry. Our recycling process will strictly follow a ‘low carbon emission’ guideline and greatly reduced the environmental impact as compared to traditional waste management.

More importantly, we want to show people our recycling process and the flow low of our ecosystem and let people understand the importance of sustainable development. The project aims to create products with aesthetic pleasing appeals which can attract people’s attention, and our customer will be informed that they are part of our campaign to restore the environment. People’s awareness of environmental protection will certainly grow over time.

Our vision is to establish a complete and viable closed-cycle ecosystem based on our Bio-material. In our ecosystem, the Bio-material conveys our sustainable design concepts and though a highly interactive product system, we can deliver and express our goal of environmental protection.

Being our top priority, the project strictly follows a sustainable development guideline. So, we created an entire ecosystem around our project with a sustainable approach.

Firstly, in our entire closed-cycle ecosystem, a single piece of material will be circulated in the system in a recycle-remanufacture manner. firstly, we produced a piece of material with biowastes and other bio-based raw materials. The material will then be developed into a product that goes into the hands of our customers. After the product has been used, the product will be recycled by us and goes into the remanufacturing process. The same piece of material will be ready again to be applied with new designs. By improving the longevity, of the materials’ lifecycle and lifespan we can effectively optimize resource usage and follows the sustainable guideline.

Being a sustainable project, reducing energy consumption is always one of our main focuses. In our manufacturing process, we collect the heat generated by preparing the substrate and redirect the heat to the final process which is drying of the material. In this way, we can save a considerable amount of energy.

The realization of this process is surely not easy, we are going to face a lot of difficulties during the process. However, with our vision and goal in mind, we will find the best way to carry out the tasks and fulfill the objectives for a better environment and future.

CRE - Wolfgang
Author: CRE - Wolfgang

Wolfgang is communication manager for Re-FREAM and project manager at CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria.