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Tim Van Der Loo

About the project

Tim Van Der Loo builds on an existing fabric created as part of the circular garment project New Blue, further developing the material with treatments and finishes using different cutting edge technologies in the dying and finishing process.

He is a material and product designer – based in Berlin, born in the Netherlands – using post consumer resources to develop new surfaces and structures. Even though his main concern is sustainability, he cares about bringing a contemporary aesthetic to recycled materials. His works are reflections of a playful approach to the function and matter of objects for everyday use. The methodology used in his practice is to work with waste as a resource.

Tim van der Loo takes two perspectives; working with craft, enabling independency with DIY tools, machines and techniques and working with the industry, meaning to collaborate, translate and to develop user items for bigger scale. Working within industry is set out not to design something new but to redesign the material that was wasted before and keep it out of being wasted.