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R+D Garment finishing laboratory with Micro-Nebulization ECOFinish technology

About the project

About the Technology

R+D Garment finishing laboratory is equipped with all the required instrumentation and machinery for finishing sample garments at small scale and maximum customization. There is installed a washing/dyeing machine with the Nebulization System ECOFinish in order to apply chemicals for washing, dyeing, resinating, softening, as well as a curing oven for resins polymerization.

The Ecofinish micro-Nebulization system micronizes the water drops and product inside the machine until achieving a misty effect, thus allowing its controlled diffusion on the material saving water, chemicals, processing time and energy, because it is applied the water and product quantity that the garments are able to absorb.

Maximum optimization of chemical products resulting in huge water savings.

  • Chemicals savings from 50 to 92%
  • Water savings up to 98%
  • 0% Waste, lower water treatment costs

A wide range of chemical products are also available such as resins, enzymes, oxidants, dyestuffs, microcapsules, etc to be used for garment processing by nebulization to reduce the ambient impact of the garment finishing industry.

Another eco-friendly technology is available in the lab called Close-N that with an oxygen-free atmosphere and under nitrogen conditions it is possible to dye with natural dyes and obtain special finishes such as indigo-look and pigment effects all with significant savings due to the reduced amount of chemicals required.

Some cotton garments (denim and pfd) can be used to develop finishes with the artists through nebulization technology.

Usual Areas of Application

This novel technology was especially developed for sustainable textile finishes. Uses:

Dye Process

For dyeing processes, we start with a prepared for dyeing (pfd) garment and we can obtain results of standard dyes flat and penetrated with conventional or with natural dyes. Space-dye and fade effects can also be achieved.

Oxidation Process

Another option is oxidation, we can start from dyed garments or from denim, achieving different levels of oxidation or bleaching depending on the target.

Functional Effects

With functional effects, a function is added that is not visually appreciated, such as different resins that help ironing or waterproofing. Include different essences, functions such as UV protect or antimicrobial or antibacterial agents and microcapsules.

Materials used in Re-FREAM

Dyes, pigments, oxidant agents, resins and test new sprayable materials such as cork (like we did with artist Fabio Molinas).

This is a very versatile technology with many possibilities using new materials like dyeing tests with different substrates, 3D printed pieces (such as we did with artist Elisabeth Jayot).

Technology is used by these Re-FREAM Partners

Care Applications (Alcoi, Spain)


Assigned Projects within Re-FREAM