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Micro-nebulization Technology​

About the project

About the Technology

The micro nebulization system is a novel finishing system for garments like jeans, t-shirts, shirts, etc. ​ Possibilities for finishing are wide: softening, dyeing, functional effects.​

The nebulization process converts air in nanobubbles, which transport the [water + functional product] mixture, creating an homogeneous atmosphere.​Nanobubbles surface get into the fibers, contacting them with the finishing products.​

This equipment can be connected to a conventional washing machine/dryer​ Diameter of nanobubbles is smaller than 200 nm in order to increase its dilution in water and have a big contact surface. Important savings, not only in terms of chemicals, energy and water used, but also in terms of wastewater produced can be achieved.


  • Softening process​
  • Composition: 100% cotton, PES, synthetic blends​
  • Treatment time: <25 min / 50 kg of charge​
  • Functionalization by microencapsulated substances attached to the nanobubbles​
  • Functions: repellency, antimicrobial, flame retardants, enzymes, anti-wrinkle, UV-protection, moisturizing…​ Application of fluorocarbon (C6). Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish​.. Recommended composition: cotton and CO/PES mixtures​. Treatment time: <40 min / 50 kg of charge​
  • Liquor ratio 1:0,8​
  • ​Dyeing: Conventional, Overdye, Tie dye

​​The technology is available at the co-creation space in Valencia.