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Cooking New Materials by Youyang Song

About the project

Cooking new materials is an independently developed technique which aims to process biowastes into a soft but yet robust leather-like material. Banana and orange peel or soy-milk are combined with a natural binding agent as the substrate. The resulting composite is fully biodegradable and can be easily reused after the re-cooking process. It is a 100% biodegradable, zero waste natural product. Moreover, the bio-material provides similar toughness, durability and water resistance as normal leather material.


Youyang Song

Before I enter the material industry I studied as a fashion design student. I learned and applied a lot of past experiences of fashion design into my current work, letting my material not only possess the features such as versatility, practicability and environment-friendly but also fully of artistic insights and emotion of beauty. This kind of cross-nation and intercultural experience allows me to make more unique and products.

  1. Bioyarn, inspired from molecular cooking, extract alginate from algae and obtain bio-degradable bioyarn through 3D-printing and needling.
  2. Schaum inseln, in order to solve the problem of shortage of public seating on alexanderplatz Berlin, I collect some of left-over foam of the Berlin Schaum company. Through 3D-printing and heat treatment, I turn damaged and rough surface of the foam into smooth, skin-friendly and apply a rather fashion design into them. Through interesting deconstructing, Montaging and bonding, I created mobile seats that can be assemble and dissembled freely.
  3. interactive hair band. I designed an interactive hair band, the hair band have six balls on it which represents six different musical notes. By installing conductive fibres onto the hair band rhythms can be played by tapping of those balls that generate corresponding sounds



Image: Youyang Song (C) Youyang Song