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Ozone Technology (colour fading)

About the project

About the Technology

Ozone provides fashion effects on fabrics and garments dyed with direct, reactive or indigo dyes. Ozone degrades colour and depending on contact time different colour intensities can be achieved. Ozone technology considerably reduces water and energy consumption. It also eliminates the need for toxic processes, such as bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and the use of permanganate.

The x-arc generator, takes air from the atmosphere and converts it into ozone, in a molecular transformation as seen in the slide. Ozone particles get inside the tumbler, attacking specially dye molecules but also other organic compounds. Then, the ozone is transformed back into oxygen and is released back to the atmosphere.

Depending on time exposure, the ozone attack results in colour degradation, so you obtain different colour grading.

Cleaning and bleaching effects can be obtained when applying ozone to wet garments. Results obtained are similar to the traditional process with hydrogen peroxide, but achieving better resistance in the fabrics, as chemicals are not used. Is possible to use it in denim and knits.

Working in dry, the process improves whiteness and eliminates the back staining of the back of the pockets of the jeans and other possible organic spots.

Usual Areas of Application

With this young technology, AITEX works to finish denim. In the industry, ozone is also often used for reproduce aging and bleaching effect without use of chemical product.

Materials used in Re-FREAM

Nowadays, this technology was proven only on denim textile with good result, but we are happy to widening our range.

Technology is used by these Re-FREAM Partners

AITEX (Alcoi, Spain)