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3D Printing – Stereolithography (SLA)

About the project

About the Technology

SLA represents one of oldest and most mature 3D printing techniques nowadays. High surface quality and high accuracy are just the most remarkable key features. Briefly, a UV source (e.g. a laser) is used to selectively “write” a pattern into a photo-active polymer resin. When the pattern is completed, a new layer of resin is added, followed by writing the next pattern. This is continued until the object is printed completely. Large size parts can be printed with its limit in lifetime, mechanical strength, biocompatibility and color availability.

Usual Areas of Application

They are used in industry for fixtures and other industrial manufacturing tools or detailed prototypes in small lot sizes on demand.

Materials used in Re-FREAM

We use standard materials which are especially developed for SLA printing. Usually this is a transparent or translucent material. Interesting could be new materials combinations.

Technology is used by these Re-FREAM Partners

Profactor (Steyr, Austria)


Assigned Projects within Re-FREAM