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​ Calendering technology

About the project

About the Technology

A calendering system can work continously and transfer colours and designs to the fabric by sublimation.​
​Fabrics need to be synthetic or have at least 60% PES in cotton blends.


  • Plastification and coating with film ​
  • Metallization and gold lamination ​
  • Transfer printing
  • Transfer of special effects (es.: snake skin, crush effect, black out)​

With this technology you can transfer papers produced by digital printing, exceptional technology to your great flexibility, and also for the reactivation of inks that have been printed directly on a plotter fabric. It can also apply film barrier / black-out / light-diffusion, coupled with film and web, lamination, effect transfer and PVC transfer printing as well as laminate fabrics. Transfer of effects and printing transfer of PVC with a width of 200 cm. All with a reduced electricity consumption.

Usual Areas of Application

Fashion and Home textiles.

Materials used in Re-FREAM

Fabrics need to be synthetic or have at least 60% PES in cotton blends. Endless application of designs on textile substrates.

Technology is used by these Re-FREAM Partners

AITEX (Alcoi, Spain)