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International partners


The project involves an international consortium of experienced partners regarding technology, research, fashion, and design, as well as art-tech transfer expertise.

Hub Management Berlin

Wear It Berlin GmbH:
Wear It Berlin is a Berlin based agency for novel and wearable products with focus on tailor-made solutions for the integration of new technologies in every day and industrial clothing. Wear It Berlin also maintains the Berlin community regarding the topics of wearables and fashion tech. The yearly Wear It Innovation Summit provides a connection platform for the community, companies and experts along the cross-industrial value chain. In Re-FREAM Wear It Berlin is conducting the Hub Management in Berlin as well as facilitation mentoring and advisory for the selected projects in the call.
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Hub Management Linz

Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria:
Creative Region is a platform institution providing a hub to creative people and communities within creative industries in Upper Austria, aiming to strengthen and support growth within the sector and positioning Linz as creative location within Europe. Creative Region offers a broad network to creative players in Upper Austria and develops and provides support programs, consultancy, training and network contacts for enhancing and fueling the total sector in Upper Austria. For Re-FREAM Creative Region is coordinating the Hub in Linz, providing a wide network in Upper Austrias creative industries and offering facilitation, mentoring and advisory for the selected projects in the call.
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Hub Management Valencia

AITEX (Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Textil):
Aitex promotes modernization and the introduction of new and emerging technologies in the textile industry. The main research focus lies on smart textiles including different kinds of functional and intelligent textiles.
Aitex services also include consultancy, certification, quality control as well as training and close collaboration with related fields of smart textile such as electronics and software development. For Re-FREAM Aitex is conducting the Hub Management in Valencia as well as facilitation mentoring and advisory for the selected projects in the call.
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Technology & Expert Partners


Care Applications S.L.

Care Applications S.L. is focusing on R&D for innovating and improving garment processing, new finishings and machinery. Care Applications also launched several applications within this field. In Re-FREAM Care Applications is technology partner for garment processing and providing materials for selected projects within our calls.
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logo_Consorzio ARCA

Consorzio ARCA

Consorzio ARCA (Italy): ARCA is an EU-BIC certified incubator and innovation hub. It is aiming at facilitating business start-ups and scale-ups and provides technology transfer as well as support for the development of new products within SMEs. Using a broad network within the topic of smart, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship, ARCA is accelerating promising businesses, offering blended coaching support, mentoring and internationalization opportunities, with the support of the EU-funded European Enterprise Network initiative. Active in the field of co-creation and participated innovation, ARCA is a member of ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs. In Re-FREAM, ARCA will bring in its expertise in Art & Tech transfers and support the projects in business development matters.
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Empa is a research institute focusing on technology research, especially medical textiles, adaptive membranes, body simulation systems, body-environment interactions and new body monitoring approaches while focusing on linking application orientated research to practical implementation of new ideas. In Re-FREAM Empa is supporting and mentoring projects in developing new materials regarding increased performance of the human body.
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Fraunhofer IZM

Fraunhofer IZM is a R&D institution in the field of microelectronics, microsystems and packaging, with focus on material, process and substrate development, characterization and simulation, advanced system engineering, assembly and interconnection technologies and environmental engineering. In Re-FREAM Fraunhofer IZM is technology partner for integrating and interconnecting electronics into textiles.
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HARATECH is developing, prototyping, manufacturing and servicing technically complex, high value products with focus on the manufacturing of plastic parts for consumer products, the automotive, aviation and medical industry in small/medium lot sizes. For Re-FREAM HARATECH is technology partner for 3D printing and body scanning, development processes and product production.
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IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) / REC Research and Education Center

IED is a higher educational institution specialized in Design and Creativity with a global network of schools in 13 cities across the globe. REC is focused in transforming disruptive ideas into real projects. In Re-FREAM IED REC will develop the Art/Tech Transfer Methodology, support the development of new technologies providing a design perspective and giving access to the international IED Designer Community.
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PROFACTOR is a research company focusing on new methods for integrated production technologies, especially additive micro/nano manufacturing. Additive manufacturing processes are the key to competitive production in small batch sizes and individualized products. PROFACTOR is enabling innovative products and processes by functionalizing and individualization of freeform surfaces using Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL), Inkjet Printing or Inkjet-based or filament-based 3D-Printing. PROFACTOR is the technical coordinator of Re-FREAM.
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Stratasys (Int.)

Stratasys is a provider and manufacturer for 3D printing equipment and materials to be printed from digital data, making use of PolyJet technology. Their products can be used for making prototypes and models for testing new product design and low scale production of finished goods. Within Re-FREAM Stratasys is providing access to materials and technologies, training on the PolyJet Technology as well as technical support and feedback to creators.
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University of Art and Design Linz / Department Fashion & Technology

Fashion & Technology is aimed at people who think, act and research experimentally and sustainably. Through design and critical reflection, students develop emergent areas that arise from the combination of traditional techniques and fashion technologies with new technical disciplines. In practice-oriented workshops, the students develop their projects under the guidance of international experts and cooperation partners from the fields of design, research, art and business.
Within Re-FREAM FAT provides a wide network within the University of Art and Design Linz and further helps to establish project cooperation across industries. FAT is also providing mentoring and support for selected artist.
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The STARTS Initiative is financed by the European Commission with the aim to include artists in innovation projects and thus help boosting innovation capacities. STARTS projects aims to create new synergies between artists, research institute, companies, incubator and cultural institutions concerning ICT topics (information and communication technologies) and thus enhance sustainability, social inclusion and competitiveness.
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