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The call will be opened from July 1 - September 30, 2020.

Re-FREAM is an invitation to artists and designers to join and submit a project proposal within the following research challenges:

IZM-Smart Pixel Textile Display

From analog to connected

The integration of electronics into textiles enables new potentials of how we communicate in the future with each other in the post-smartphone era and to find new ways of interaction between the human body and its environment.
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It also offers new possibilities of perceiving, understanding and interacting with its own body. Artist and Designers with scientists are asked to collaborate tore-think the future communication  and interaction in a digital age or re-think concepts, which illustrates interconnectivity and interdependencies between people and the environment and expresses circularity of nature.Project propositions could focus on social, environmental or health related topics. Re-FREAM favors ideas that lead to visionary concepts that disrupt or complement communication industry.

From 2D to 3D

Traditionally, the predominant use of textiles as fashion materials has led to the development of 2D pattern-making methods for dressing the complex shape of the three-dimensional human body. Nowadays, digital design tools allow us to easily design and 3D print complex shapes for the human body.
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This opens new possibilities for  aesthetic expression and wearable functionality to enhance both body comfort and performance. Artists and designers are asked to collaborate with technical researchers to find new strategies to rethink fashion in 3D and to optimize related materials, 3D colours, and software. Project proposals could focus on experiments and developments of completely new processes for the creation and production of fashion. Re-FREAM favours visionary aesthetic concepts.
Jovi Fotógrafos

From linear to sustainable circular systems

Nature works in cycles - nothing is wasted, everything is reused. In contrast, the textile industry operates in a linear way, leading to extreme wastefulness and pollution.
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Large amounts of resources are employed to produce clothes that are very often used only for a short time before being disposed. Future fashion concepts should lead to a new textile system in line with the principles of circular economy, integrating people, technology, and the environment. Re-FREAM challenges artists and designers to re-imagine/rethink the textile system, using second-hand, old-fashioned clothes and turning them into something new, giving them new lease on life. Eco-friendly colouring and finishing technologies and 3D printing will offer completely new possibilities for future circular fashion concepts and opportunities for eco-innovative design.

WEBINAR – Online Showroom

In three webinars, we will support you with insights to technologies for each research challenge to develop your idea. You can join a live stream of these sessions with Youtube.

New dates will be announced soon!
  • Each technology will be presented and explained in an understandable way.
  • Artists and designers can ask questions which will be answered by the technology facilitators.
  • After the webinar session, artists and designers will have time to refine their proposal according to the experts’ input until the end of the application phase.
  • The webinar will be an interactive live session.
  • This session will be recorded and uploaded into the Re-FREAM website, so that, it will be available for the artists who could not attend.
  • After the webinar session, artists will have time to refine their proposal according to the experts input until the end of application phase.

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