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  • Hub Valencia - Tim Van der Loo & Sandra Nielsen


Prototyping and other endeavors

In the last post we mentioned how we collaborated with different subcontractors in order to go from samples to garments. The fashion designer, pattern maker...

From Samples to Garments

In May we came back to our studio in Berlin. We had just been spending 5 exciting and challenging weeks in the Re-FREAM Hub in...

Mid term presentation of New Blue

On the 12th of April we had the mid term presentation! We arrived two weeks before in Spain with all our material we developed and...

We arrived at our HUB in Alcoy, Spain!

Hola! After a few stressful weeks in Germany, preparing and finishing all the base material (New Blue Craft and New Blue industry), we arrived in...

New Blue. Novel material of recycled denim – first steps in the collaboration with Re-Fream.

Material and product designer Tim van der Loo and techno-anthropologist Sandra Nicoline Nielsen entered the ReFREAM collaboration based on a very simple idea. The co-research...