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  • Hub Linz - Assa Ashuach


Innovations in personal fit – Assa Ashuach Refream project ‘Time Based Design’

Evolve IM’ biometric evolutionary footwear and midsoles Shoes and midsoles that studies its user and improves over time. We propose a new evolutionary footwear design...

Evolve IM’ biometric evolutionary footwear – At Milan MICAM X tomorrow

Excited to finally present my latest ReFream EU funded research, titled ‘Footwear Time Based Design’. With many thanks to the the ReFream team and project,...

Assa Co researching ‘Footwear Time Based Design’ with Stratasys, Haratech and Profactor

NOTE: Featured image (above) is a concept 3D illustration, and not attempting to be anything like the final design ; ) The co research was...

Assa Ashuach – Footwear Time Based Design

Project title: Footwear Time Based Design / Assa Ashuach at assastudio.com The initial ReFream project phases focus on research, concept generation and some initial experiments....