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Navigating the evolution of fashion tech

The evolution of fashion tech For centuries high fashion in itself has been accepted for its aesthetic and expressive value. Now that we have started...

Second skins research on responsive and adaptive materials

Over the past months, we did extensive research on activation methods and responsive reactive textiles usable for fashion integration. In this blog post, Christian Dils...

Design principles, Second Skins

Before we take you with us on our research journey of the fusion between tech and fashion, finding usable materials and integration methods, I find...

Second Skins, building the fundament

To develop a strong, coherent and relevant project, it is important to build a good foundation. Within this process, it is essential to always keep...

RE-FREAM project 2021: Second Skins

Over the next 9 months I will share an inside pic into our Re-FREAM project Second Skin via this platform. To give you a first...